Moser Architects, PLLC is a full service architecture firm offering residential custom design and construction administration to both homeowners and contractors. We specialize in custom new homes, large additions, whole house renovations and interior reconfiguration. We have a comprehensive design structure that divides the process into the following phases.

Schematic Design

After the first initial consultation we will measure and draw up the plans and elevations of the existing home. For all new homes and additions we will work closely with the owner to formulate a program of needs and desires as well as review all zoning conditions and requirements. The schematic design drawings will provide the owner or contractor with multiple options both in plan and elevation that help guide us toward a final layout. In addition to precise AutoCAD drawings we offer 3-D modeling to facilitate spatial understanding.

Design Development

Once the floor plans and elevations have been developed we begin to specify building materials, construction methods and HVAC systems. The design development phase is an important time to start to identify green building techniques and interior finish options. At this stage we suggest the owner contract with our structural and mechanical engineers (if necessary) so that the composition of the building’s structure and systems can be well coordinated.

Construction Documents

It is our commitment to generate a comprehensive and clear set of drawings that minimize the amount of decision making during construction. The construction drawings include all exterior and interior details as well as finish and fixture choices. We are acutely aware of how important an excellent set of drawings will generate a more accurate price. We are happy to be intimately involved in recommendation and assistance with selections to help control budget and maintain quality.

Bidding and Negotiation

We typically introduce our clients, early in the process, to one of the high quality, full service general contractor’s we work with. The team effort allows the design and budget to be managed simultaneously. However, we also provide a bid service in which we will oversee a competitive but fair bid between three or more well respected general contractors.

Construction Documents

We enjoy being an integral part of the construction process, fielding the contractors questions by acting as the owner’s agent. Many simple adjustments are made with the construction team on the job site to really improve the final product. We work with very skilled contractors whose craftsmanship and quality are exceptional.

Additional services include but not limited to:

  • Design consultations for those looking at a home to purchase and renovate
  • Variance applications and hearings due to zoning restrictions
  • 3D massing models are included for additions but can be requested for interior applications